​​ About Us

The Street Corner Messiahs songs highlight the beautiful fragility of humanity with observational, heartfelt, lyrics. You're transported into the heart of each song and surrounded by gorgeous deep rich vocals, guitars, folk influences and a feeling of genuineness.

Based in Midleton, East Cork, Ireland, The Street Corner Messiahs consist of charismatic Irishman Rev John Wayne Mcsweeney, songwriter, guitarist and singer. Mcsweeney performs his powerful songs with gentleness, integrity and understanding. His love of music started aged 15 when his mother invested £10 to buy his first guitar.

In 1996 Wayne left Ireland and travelled to San Francisco, California. He spent time walking around a local neighbourhood known as 'The Tenderloin', talking to beautifully broken people who had no voice. "These people are the same as you and me, but something in their lives went wrong. If one person believes in you, it can carry you throughout your life" says Wayne. He is passionately dedicated to helping people, "Everybody has a story to tell, every person you meet can teach you something."

In June 2020 The Street Corner Messiahs released their first full-length album 'Tales from the Tenderloin'.  The album is dedicated to the memory of "King George" and "Robin Williams" it tells of 10 separate, but related stories of characters Mcsweeney met during a night in San Francisco. There is talk of turning "Tales" into a screenplay.

The music of the Street Corner Messiahs can be heard on their website and streamed/downloaded from all digital platforms worldwide. It can also be purchased at gigs. Three singles have been released from the album: "Fly Robin Fly", "The Battle" and "King George," these singles have received fantastic reviews.

Wayne has written new songs for his second album. You can help this talented songsmith and be a part of album number 2;
Wayne has created a GoFundMe fundraising page to help cover the recording costs.